Pitch the Night Fury
The Story
I... Am Rhiannon. And I'm the luckiest person in the world. Because of my pet. Now some people may have hamsters or parakeets, but my pet... Ohhhh, my pet outdoes them all. You see, I have... A dragon. That may sound scary, but it's really not. He's actually cute and sweet. His name's Pitch. And he's a Night Fury. I'm not here to talk about him, though. I'm here to talk about us and how we met. Listen up! You may want to if you are going to tame your own dragon. It all started when Hiccup and I were searching for dragon traps:
"Hiccup, look!" I said. There was another dragon in a trap. "Got it." He said back. We were riding atop of Toothless together. Hiccup freed the dragon and sailed above the clouds. "Ya know... I really wish I had a dragon of my own so I wouldn't be stuck with you all the time..." I said sarcastically. "I've been looking! I swear! And what's your problem with me?" He laughed. I noticed that Toothless' ears were perked up. Before I could say something, Toothless brought us to a mysterious land. "What's the matter, bud?" He said to Toothless. "Uh. Hiccup..." I pointed to something dark and dragon like in the distance. "Is that a-" He looked at me and interrupted. "I dunno, but if you do want to know, you'll have to stay down and be quiet. Toothless, down." We landed and hid next to a rock. And then... We saw it. A Night Fury. A wild Night Fury. And it had eggs. It was shoving them in the water, so we knew they were getting ready to hatch. Out of the blue, a wild Monstrous Nightmare attacked and killed the Night Fury, and all but two eggs that were out deeper in the water. Once it flew away, I took one egg and Hiccup took the other. We flew back to Berk in a rush, because the eggs were ready to hatch, and the babies would hidein a cold environment. We got off of Toothless and Hiccup instructed me to take the egg and put it over the fire. I'm not sure what he did with the other one, though. As far as I know, it never made it. But anyway, I put the egg over the fire and... BOOM! Baby dragon! I knew, from the moment I saw its round, blue eyes, I had to make it my own. It had very dark skin, pitch black. That's where I came up with his name. From then on, we ate together, had fun together, been sad together. Everything we did... Was together. But one day, I got mad at him for setting my home on fire. He ran away. For months. I thought he was never coming back. But he did. With a few small differences though. He had a slash on his eye and three on his leg. I never did find out what happened to him, however. Maybe I will... Someday...
Pitch's Hoard
  1. The Scars
    The Scars
    Pitch's scars when he first got them.
  2. Soaring
    Pitch soaring above the clouds.
  3. REF Sheet
    REF Sheet
    Pitch's reference sheet
  4. The Next Alpha
    The Next Alpha
    Pitch is the next in line to Alpha
  5. Spread your Wings
    Spread your Wings
    On the first day of Spring, Pitch goes flying.
  6. Favorite Tree
    Favorite Tree
    Pitch has a favorite spot to rest in the sun.
  7. Pitch...
    Don't touch the camera!!
  8. Best Friend
    Best Friend
    Pitch is best friends with a Nadder named Stormnight
  9. The Glint
    The Glint
    Beware of the Glint in a dragon's eye.
  10. Alani
    Pitch 's adopted daughter
  11. Pitch and Askar
    Pitch and Askar
    These two are in love
  12. The Egg
    The Egg
    Alani's sister died in an accident.
  13. Oh.
  14. The Puppeteer
    The Puppeteer
  15. Thanks!
  16. Detemmienation
    Detemmienation (c) Toby Fox
  17. Gah..