The Chronicles

On one faithful day, Pitch , one of the few night furies that survived the race's extinction, was out for a flight when he noticed a dark figure in the sky. He noticed it wasnt just any dragon silhouette, but a night fury's! The mysterious looking dragon flew into a small cave on an island called ''The Island of Night'', the perfect habitat for a night fury. But Pitch had to hurry, because his tribe leader and own brother, got worried when tribe members were out late. Pitch flew into the dark, foul-smelling cave. Suddenly, Pitch heard a strong, deep voice. 'What are you doing here, young dragon? You shall not stay for our species, the night fury, is at the brink of extincton!" said the muscular night fury. "Im not here to hurt you. Im a night fury! Like you!" said Pitch. The alpha night fury turned around. " You are the first "strange" night fury we have seen since the Green Death attack. Name's Scar." Pitch knew he heard that name before but he couldnt sum it up. 
"You better head back to your tribe's cave. I heard that Toothless, the odd-winged fury gets worried. Maybe you should invite them over. Toothless and I have a long history together as cousins." said Scar. "So that's why I know your name! Your my cousin! Oh! Um, sorry, I'll-I'll go get Toothless."  Pitch looked out at the Viking village. He was very glad beacuse many dragon slayers wanted to kill night furies for their dark hide. Forgetting his fear, Pitch arrived at his tribe's cave and went back to Scar with 5 or so more night furies. "Okey, Pitch. Why did you bring me here again? Yo know tha-.  Scar interrupted- "Toothless! So, do you still need that prothstetic for your tail?" "Yes unfortunately, still need that tail." Toothless was called the odd-winged fury for a reason. 20 years ago, he was shot down by a viking, but got out of the trap thanks to the Viking. They are best friends now...since he survived, he became a legend. "Pitch, why dont you go catch us some fish for tommorrow?" asked Toothless. "Sure.' Pitch agreed. Pitch was extremely lazy and almost didn't listen to his brother's commands. Then again, he didnt want to ruin his brother's time with Scar either. "Ugh. Fine. I'll go get the fish..." When Pitch got to the lake, he just sat and thought. Thought about the future, what will happen.
"Pitch, wake up." said Toothless. "What happened?" asked Pitch "I dont know exactly, but I think you fell asleep here." None of them ever knew what happened, but Pitch didnt feel like he just fell asleep. Pitch knew because he had a headache when he woke up, and only on one side of his head. He also remembered his mind going blank before he "fell asleep". Later, in the afternoon, he went back to the  lake to try and find out what really happened to him. When he arrived he found footprints, not medium, but giant! He looked to the side, only to see a dragon scale. The scale was a grayish-green. Then, the first thing that popped into his head was GREEN DEATH. Three eyes, 100 teeth, more than 1000 feet hight and over 2000 tons of boulder-crushing death. It had a bad sense of sight, so it relied on hearing and smell. As part of the mystery class, no one knows much about it. Pitch jetted back to the cave and said: "Attention all members of the Night Fury Tribe! I have found evidenece showing that the green death is still alive. You all know what this means. We have to travel to Dragon Island and revive the peace in the dragon world!" Pitch and the rest of the tribe traveled to Dragon Island, but when they got there they immediately saw the green death's lair and went in. The green death heard them and attacked. The night furies were beginning to win when they started to fire at the green death's wings. It could still fly so the night furies had to do something else. Then, Toothless had an idea. "Follow me!" He shouted. The night furies lead the green death into the sky. Finally the dragons dove. While the other night furies left, Toothless shot a fireball into the green death's mouth. They came closer to the ground, so Toothless pulled up. The green death couldnt because its wings were starting to tear. It hit the ground with an explosion. Toothless tried to get out, but his tail had charred. He was almost out, but he couldnt steer himself and was hit with the green death's bludgeon tail.
It got up. The green death was still angry. It let out a screech while it got up on two legs. Pitch was right under it. Unlucky for him because the green death fell back to four feet and managed to hit Pitch with with its talons.
Pitch got up. He needed water. He looked over his shoulder to only see destruction and death. When Pitch looked down into the river, he saw them. The cuts. Cuts so deep, they went to his bone. "Well, so much for me not being lazy for once." If he had said no to Toothless, none of this would have ever happened. He looked over again. He saw Scar getting hit down by the green death. That was it. Pitch's pupils turned to slits. "RAWWARRAAA!" Pitch jetted, doing nothing but blowing fireballs at it. The green death had had it too. It slashed Pitch's eye. "Gwah!" Pitch saw Toothless, laying on the ground, not able to get up. The green death laughed. "Kekeekeke... look at all of this, night fury. The destruction, the sadness. And you can do nothing. You are all too stupid and pitiful to kill me. Especially that one down there. Toothless, I think? He is the worst. Ha, a dragon with a half a tail thinks he so amazing. The thing is, he is just as mindless as the rest." 
Pitch snapped. "THAT'S IT!!! You have bullied, eaten, killed, and blamed us for fighting back! I've had it with you, and I'm gonna send you back to the pits of Hell from where you came!" Pitch started glowing. Pure white. His markings turned turquoise, his eyes grey. He flew another fireball at the beast. But this time, the fire was red. Not the normal fire color. Has you dragon eaten an eel before? That color. And it was explosive. The one shot killed the green death instantly.
   Two days later...
"Well Pitch. I'm proud to call you my brother."
"You weren't already?" Pitch laughed.
"Well Pitch, Toothless. Looks like you guys have to head back to your dumb trainers, heh." Scar said.
"Yep. We are heading out soon. So bye Scar. It was nice to see you again!"
"Bye, cousin." Scar said.
And with that, they left. Toothless returned to Hiccup, Pitch returned to me and was just as lazy as ever since I spoiled him because of his scars. That's his story. But how do I know? How did I figure it out? I will have to save that for later...


Black as Night
​Note: Stoker and Tundra weren't their names at this time because they weren't in my possession, yet I'm still using their official names.

Stoker was watching a Night Fury and Changewing together on a hill. He was trying to overhear them talking because there was a nest of black eggs sitting in front of them. He could barely make out their words.

(Nira, it is time to choose. Will all of them be suitable for war?) The Changewing asked.

(Hmmm. That darkest one there. While it is darker than the rest, it is too small to survive.) Nira tossed the egg out of the nest.

Just then, a night fury younger than the two dragons in front of it landed.

(TUNDRA!! I told you to go beyond that mountain and WAIT!) the Changewing demanded.

(But dad...) She looked over to the small egg. (What are you doing?) She ran over to it and clutched it tightly. (It will die out of the nest!) 

(Precisely.) Nira said, calmly.

(You can't just kill one of your own for no reason!) Tundra started to cry. (I won't let you...)

The Changewing lashed out at Tundra and took the egg from her. (Go beyond that mountain. And stay... there.)

She had no choice. (I'll be back for you, my siblings.) 

(Surtr. Dispose of that egg.) Nira proposed.

Stoker couldn't take it. (Why you... you fool!) He snuck down to them and immediately slashed Nira's throat. 

(Surtr... help...) She called. But the Changewing was already gone. He had fled to find a new Night Fury for a mate.

(How does it feel to be uncared about? I'm sure that egg can hear EVERY ONE OF YOUR WORDS.) Stoker picked Nira up and threw her into the water. It was only then did he realize there were two people watching them. The other eggs must have hatched because there was only the "bad" one left. Stoker fled. 

"Rhiannon! Be careful!" Hiccup said.

"Would You shut up? I'm fine." Rhiannon picked up the lone egg. "Don't worry. I'll take care of you."


​It had been only a few days since the dragonet had hatched. He wasn't doing too well, though. 

"Come on, little buddy. We need you eat!" Rhiannon was concerned. The dragonet had only eaten a few meals since he was born. But once again, the dragon refused the crappie fish she had been trying to force him to eat.
Stoker sat outside the window, watching. Tundra landed next to him.

(You're the one that killed my mother, correct?) 

Stoker scowled. (How would you know about that if you weren't there? And, so what? What're YOU going to do about it?!)

(I... was gonna say thank you. And, you don't know me, stranger. I don't ever listen to Surtr.) 

(You mean your father?) Stoker was confused. Why wouldn't she say "my dad"?

(That asshole could never be my father.) 

(But he literally is!) Stoker exclaimed.

(Not in here.) She pointed to where her heart was.

Stoker stayed quiet.

(Well, I need to run. See ya later!) Tundra ran off.

Stoker focused his attention back on the dragon and the girl. The dragonet was running from her. He went off and stole a cooked chicken from one of the villagers and knocked his tail on the door.

"Hel-oh...?" Rhiannon answered the door, surprised to see a Monstrous Nightmare standing at the door. It welcomed itself in and sat the chicken down next to the dragonet. 

"But dragons eat FISH, not chicken!" Rhiannon exclaimed. But to her surprise, the dragonet happily ate it. Totally surprised, she looked at the Nightmare. "You know, you could really help me with this little one..." she held her hand out to the beast. "Would you wanna help?" 

Stoker agreed. He would love to. He let her pet him, and through the night, the played and took care of the dragonet.


Stoker had been chasing the dragonet through the house with Rhiannon for at least fifteen minutes. "Come 'ere you pitch-black.... Pitch!!"

 Rhiannon picked the dragonet up quickly. "That's your name. Pitch." Pitch tilted his head. Stoker walked over to them. (Ha! Nice name you got there, Pitch...) The dragonet swatted Stoker on the nose, and in return, Stoker roared at Pitch. He ran under the bed in fear.

Rhiannon gave Stoker a quick scowl and got Pitch from the bed. "Don't worry, Pitch. That guy's just a big bad wo- Er... dragon." Pitch nodded and scowled at the Nightmare. Stoker snorted and sat down in defeat. (Pesky night fury...)

The dragonet had come over to Stoker again in a matter of minutes. (Go awaaaay.) The Nightmare was getting tired of this "Pitch" already. Pitch just sat down and tilted his head instead of listening to Stoker. He got up, trying to intimidate the younger dragon. (I said go away!) Once again, Pitch did not listen. He came over to Stoker and layed down next to him and fell asleep. Stoker sighed in disappointment and went to sleep.

The next day, Pitch had awoke to fearful excitement. "Pitch, I'll be right back. I need to go pick up something." Even though he knew she wouldn't understand him, he said (Okays!) 
Rhiannon came home with a Deadly Nadder hatchling who was already a year old. "Pitch, this is Stormnight."


​Previously on BaN:
 "Pitch, I'll be right back. I need to go pick up something." Even though he knew she wouldn't understand him, he said (Okays!) 
Rhiannon came home with a Deadly Nadder hatchling who was already a year old. "Pitch, this is Stormnight."

                                             Twelve years later...

Pitch chased Stormnight through an open field. (Haha! You'll never catch me, Furious!) Just then, Pitch pinned Stormnight to the ground. (I told you to stop calling me that!) He got off her angrily. He wonders where he got the name... Stormnight thought to herself. She watched Pitch get maybe four meters away when she tackled him to the ground. (Hey, lemme go!) He said. As she let him up, he tackled her in return.... only to be pinned by her again. (Hehe, pinned ya!) Pitch scowled at her. He was tired of loosing to a girl. A deadly nadder at that.
(Hmph. I'm just tired, ok? I'll win against you later.) Pitch was confident in what he said.

Stormnight got right up into his face. (That's what you think... Furious...) 

The night fury growled at her. That nickname made it sound like he had anger issues. He didn't! He was just significantly tired. (Or maybe you're a little too confident.... Er... Stormy!) He thought he had a good comeback.... (Aww, Pitch! What a cute nickname! I love it!) Stormnight ran up and hugged him. While he didn't get the response he had hoped, he was more than happy with the one he got. Maybe this was the time... (Stormnight...)

(Yeah, Pitch?)

(Uhm.... the sky is awesome today, isn't it?)

Stormnight giggled at the random question. (Yes it is, Furious.)

(STORMNIGHT!!! STOP CALLING ME THAT!!!) Pitch yelled as loud as he could.

(Geez, buddy. It seems like you got a high "Pitched" voice!) 

(Aww, come on, now jokes?!) Pitch was getting tired of this...

(Huh... it seems like a "Pitch" black hole has replaced your heart today.) Stormnight laughed.

(Please stop!!) 

(Haha! Make me!) 

Without hesitation, Pitch kissed her without realizing it. He backed off as quickly as he could. (Oh gosh... Stormnight! I'm... I'm  sorry! I didn't...) Pitch was ashamed. He hung his head low. After a few seconds of hiding her face, Stormnight finally spoke. 

(What a lousy first kiss...)